10 Tips for a Happier Morning

Is it just us or are the Sunday scaries hitting a little bit harder when a new Game of Thrones episode is airing each week? Don't worry though - we're here to help you take back your Sunday night by serving up a list of 10 tips for a happier Monday morning (you can thank us later).
  1. Don’t browse through your phone first thing in the morning.

Grab a book and read for 15 minutes after silencing your alarm clock. If books aren’t your thing, give yourself some time to sit and reflect on the day ahead and think up three things that you are thankful for before getting out of bed. After all, a wise man once said "you don't know what you got till its gone", so remember to start your day with gratitude - not greed.

  1. Eat a balanced breakfast.

I know I know, its old news…but believe it or not, our metabolism works much more efficiently earlier on in the day. If you decide to skip out on your morning meal and load up in the afternoon, you will actually be more hungry and prone to gain additional weight throughout the day. So instead of skimping out on your breakfast because you're on the run, try experimenting with overnight oats or meal prep alternatives for the week ahead.

  1. The world doesn’t revolve around you!

(Okay, SOMETIMES it does, but not every day) so do something nice for someone that you normally wouldn’t do. If you see someone with a cute pair of shoes on, let them know! Grab a co-worker some coffee from their favorite cafe on your way into work. Hold the door or elevator for those behind you. And say good morning to others! (Even if they are a stranger and you happen to make eye contact)

  1. Set your Alarm to a Banger

May we suggest Good Morning by Kanye West? In all seriousness, though – ditch your boring alarm and level up to a song that will have you busting a move on your way out of bed in the morning. You can even go the extra mile and create a separate morning “pump up” playlist (or use one of the many preset playlists on Spotify). We think you deserve to wake up feeling like you just stepped into a music video, don’t you?

  1. Exercise

Need I explain the countless benefits to working out first thing in the morning? I know the idea of waking up early to drag yourself to the gym sounds miserable at first – but rest assured, you will be thanking yourself every morning you say yes to hitting the gym before work. The National Institute for Fitness & Sport even states that testosterone levels are at their daily peak in the morning time, meaning that you are more likely to gain muscle at a faster rate. A morning workout also helps decrease stress levels, improve your mood, and promotes a better nights sleep.

  1. Load up on Water

You could even go the extra mile and prep some infused waters to sit overnight in the refrigerator! One of our favorite combinations is a mixture of cucumber, ginger, lemon, strawberry, and watermelon. While the lemon and ginger add an extra kick of detoxifying goodness, the strawberry and watermelon serve as a natural sweetener. Its a win-win baby!

  1. Set Your Weekly Goals

On Sunday night, think about what is most important to prioritize for the next day or week and work backwards. Remember to be kind to yourself by setting goals that are reasonable for the anticipated time ahead (3-5 goals is typical). You can either write your goals down in a notebook, create a digital note on your phone, or even set calendar reminders/deadlines for yourself for when you would like to complete the goals you set. After all, if you’re not keep tracking of your goals, who is?

  1. Clean Your Room the Night Before

Nobody likes to wake up to dirty clothes all over their floor – or worse – no clean towels for the shower. Peel yourself out of bed on Sunday and get ahead of the week by doing a full clean sweep of your room, including a full wash of all of the clothes in your hamper. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even lay out your outfit for the next day so that you don’t need to scramble to think of an outfit idea the next morning. Baby steps, though...

  1. S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Muscles

It’s so tempting to continuously hit snooze on your alarm in the morning, but unfortunately, that usually results in an unsteady start to the day. Next time you feel the need to snooze your alarm, stretch out your arms and legs instead. Shake your fingers, wiggle your toes, and slowly begin to wake your body up along with your mind. If you’re someone that subconsciously finds themselves hitting snooze in the morning, set your phone across the room the night before so that you have to get out of bed before turning off your alarm. (cruel, we know…but it works)

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Flowers!

Flowers have been proven to not only improve mood, but also reduce stress! Next time you’re in the supermarket or you find yourself near a florist, treat yourself to some blue hydrangeas *queue Lana del Rey*. A bouquet can range from roughly $5 to $25, and can sometimes last over a month if you regularly trim the stems. However, we all have that one friend that cannot be trusted with a plant in their home. For those looking for a low-maintenance option, dried lavender is a great alternative that can improve sleep quality, while still looking decorative. 

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