13 Ways to Boost Your Confidence This Week

We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can seem like we’re stuck in a 24/7 turnstile that never seems to slow. The days of the week start to blur together and we get lost in our own routines and daily structure. From a young age, we’ve been taught to structure our lives around a 8-5 day (except we got recess and snack time as an added bonus).

As an adult it can be incredibly easy and alluring to adapt to a similar daily routine. Wash, rinse, and repeat. For those of you that crave a new rhythm, this post is for you. For those of you that are fighting to find your spark, this post is for you. For those of you who are comfortable with the habitual nature of your decisions, this post is for you. No matter how much you want to admit it, each and every one of us has our own comfort zone. By adulthood, we’ve racked up enough fears from our childhood to encourage exactly the type of behavior that we currently exhibit in our day-to-day lives.

Believe it or not, straying from our usual schedule actually releases dopamine into our systems. It widens your perception of yourself and the world around you and prompts crucial time for reflection and the cognizance you crave. 

So how can we slow this turnstile to a halt and abandon our cyclical nature? To help, we’ve provided a list of 13 suggestions for you to use the next time you decide to take a step out of comfort zone.

  1. Try a new food item or let somebody else order for you the next time you go to a restaurant.
  2. Take a hike! (literally) Get out there and get active...sometimes all you need is a long walk to gain clarity. We suggest leaving your phone at home...
  3. Learn a new phrase in a foreign language.
  4. Read a book that is not typically of interest to you.
  5. Explore your neighborhood or city by visiting a destination that is completely new to you.
  6. Volunteer for a good cause.
  7. Try out a new workout class (ie. Kickboxing, yoga, barre, etc.) or take a bike ride around town.
  8. Cook for someone else - whether it's for your grandma, a friend, or at a food shelter...it won't go unappreciated.
  9. Spend a day in the park. Prepare a picnic basket and remember to bring a blanket!
  10. Pay for a stranger’s cup of Joe and strike up a brief conversation with them.
  11. Change up your look. Keep people on their toes by dying/cutting your hair or buying a new pair of edgy shoes.
  12. Take some time to appreciate someone in your life that has had a positive impact on you by either sending them a text, giving them a call, or writing out a handwritten note for them.
  13. Craft your own signature mixed drink and share with friends!

 What will you try this week? Add your experience in the comment section below and share!

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