How to Dress for your Day when Working from Home


Happy Monday, Nive Girls! This week, we’ve teamed up with PWR WMN to bring you some tips on how to dress for your day when working from home. Whether you’re working a finance job in corporate America or are working around the clock to launch a new start-up, we have tips and tricks to help just about every working woman dress their best, so read on!

Start Your Day Right 

Start your day the way YOU like to start it. If your favorite thing to do is yoga but you never get to because you're always tired, do it in the morning! Or sneak it in during the afternoon! We used to wake up just because we knew my breakfast was about to be bomb so we would use that on my super early mornings to help us get up in a good mood! Yes, we know, we depend on food for too much but this is our truth and we’re just living in it. Maybe you like baths? Do one in the morning and add all of the bath salts! Just make sure you’re giving yourself the space and time to treat yourself right! You come first NOT last.

Treat Each Morning as a New Day

We can’t stress this enough - it doesn’t matter whether you’re having a low-key day or a day packed with meetings and team conferences – change out of your pajamas. This is the bare minimum and if you’re guilty of the occasional pajama-hybrid day, we are also talking to you! Taking the time to completely change your outfit before beginning your day is crucial to starting off your morning on the right foot, and is sure to improve your overall outlook on the day ahead.

Athleisure is your friend

99.99% of the time you’re taking calls over zoom, your camera is showing the upper half of your body. Take advantage of this time to be more adventurous with your wardrobe by mixing and matching your athleticwear with your classic business casual pieces. Even if your co-workers are able to see your legs, leggings and black trousers are practically indistinguishable on camera – so go for some business casual comfort while you can!

Joggers and women’s blazers DO go together, trust us! And if your work decides to do a last minute zoom call, you won’t need to stress about putting your work outfit back on, just throw on that blazer, Nive Girls!


What’s for lunch?

Judge all you want but whenever we were at work, we would literally count the hours until lunch. It had nothing to do with our job, but our life just revolves around food. Lunch is our king. Actually no it’s our QUEEN because it has never let us down and it gives us just what I need! So the night before work, plan your lunch out! Make it an event to look forward to! If you know the next work day will be a rough one, make your lunch your sanctuary and use that food to fuel you. Treat yourself to self-care in the middle of the day by eating great food! It'll break up your day and give you more energy to PWR through the rest of your day!

Merchandise it up!

We love looking forward to outfits, that’s what we liked about being in the office. We liked showing off new lewks, but that’s kind of hard to do now when your coworkers only see ⅓ of your outfit. We like to spice up our outfits with little details here and there, so our style is seen on camera without having to show off the entire outfit! A handkerchief hair tie or neck wrap. An intricate brooch from an estate sale on our PWR WMN or Nive Girl blazer. A new colorful belt around a blazer. It’s all in the details! Go crazy! Add a beautiful headband that’ll match your blazer. One time....we saw a blogger wear two blazers at once…we’re 100% serious guys. While that might be too much merchandising...it's not a bad time to experiment and try new things!

Opt for Solid Neutrals on Top

Black, navy and white blouses are essential when dressing for your day for a few reasons:

  1. Chances are, you already have a few neutral blouses sitting in your closet
  2. They can be easily paired with just about any of the items you already own (including your finest Lululemon leggings)
  3. Neutrals have proven to look the best on camera

Let us be clear here, we don’t mean that you should be throwing on a white V-neck tee and calling it a day – especially if you were planning on jumping into a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting. Last month, Harvard Business Review released results from a study performed by Quantified Communications to better inform us on how to show up to our new digital discussions. The study found that, while the Millennial generation may be pushing for a more casual work environment, only 20% of respondents age 18-29 preferred seeing their co-workers in completely casual clothes. Those who wore neutrals while on video calls were perceived as more authentic and trustworthy than their colleagues that opted for the bright teal vacation shirt from Bermuda.

If you're interested in reading more about the survey performed by Quantified Communications, a link to the Harvard Business Review article can be found here

Do Something with your Hair 

Make sure to give your hair a little TLC each day, even if that means that you give it a good brush through. You might be thinking, “Why? Who can really see what my hair looks like or tell that it has been brushed?” YOU! You can see it and neglecting your overall appearance is more likely to impact your performance negatively before it impacts you positively. Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas:

  • Bad Hair Day? Tie your hair in a low bun and pair with some large studs or drop earrings
  • Day 2 hair? Give your hair some volume by throwing in a padded headband
  • Have a lot of hair? High ponytail or sock bun
  • Short Locks? Give your hair some life by adding in a few curls to frame your face


For more on how to dress like the girl boss you are, check out Nive Girl and PWR WMN for some quality business casual pieces. PWR WMN has you covered for timeless, everyday blazers that are built for the working woman! Their blazers feature beautiful luxurious linings, along with two exterior pockets AND two interior pockets that are large enough to carry your phone, credit cards, IDs and everything else a PWR WMN needs! Check out the full collection here.

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