Kanye is about to Re-Define the E-Commerce Experience

Adidas x Yeezy; Nive Girl

Photo provided by Sneaker News.

While Kanye is first and foremost known as an artist, over the past five years he has certainly started to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur and businessman. Seemingly, it all started once he was able to turn 53 million dollars of crippling debt into a billion dollar sneaker empire. Your student loan troubles don’t seem so bad now, huh?

While many other designers get a royalty of around 5% when collaborating with brands such as Nike or Adidas (Michael Jordan, we’re looking at you), Kanye was able to not only swing a 15% royalty on each sneaker purchased, but also maintain 100% ownership of the Yeezy brand. And now that Yeezy has grown to become one of the most high-demand brands, with items selling out in minutes, Kanye has started to up his ante on the brand. Yeezy is going 3-D.

That’s right – three dimensional. All of the pieces from the Yeezy collection are presented in a 3-D format, ostensibly suspended in mid-air. Once selecting an item, you can then peruse through the library of avatars in order to select an individual that matches your gender and figure. But while the models on the site mimic those of avatars that you would normally see in a video game, Kanye hand-selected each model and even goes as far as to share a short description about their backstory.

Last week when Fast Company interviewed Kanye’s co-designer on the new site, Nick Knight, he said “We were trying to make the internet a more humane place. We’ve gotten used to the internet being a flat, two-dimensional place, but the internet is also this amazing tool that connects everybody in the world: What if we could use it to get to know the people we are looking at on the screen?” Touché, Nick…touché.  All we can say is that three years and over 10,000 hours of work has certainly paid off and we are counting down the days until we can see the new site online and in action.

For more information on the new Yeezy site, check out the Fast Company article, which also includes a short (less than 10 min.) documentary that walks through Kanye and Nick’s journey over the past three years while creating this new platform.

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